Ulimate RZ Project


Current RZ350 Project

Here was Phase 1. I will leave the info/pics posted for reference because it does work and is still a major upgrade from a sock RZ.

  • Modified FZ600 aluminum swing arm - Tried and true. There are some ride height issues that need to be addressed. I would recommend a JMC or Metmachex swing arm, they are really worth it in the long run and headaches of the FZ set-up. NOTE: If your using Loma GP pipes, clearance between the pipe and tire is VERY close, see pic below.
  • MC21 Rear wheel, works good and is not too heavy. 17 x 4.5" sporting a 150/60 Tire. Looks trick! A CBR600 F2 wheel will work too, but you will need to machine it to fit correctly.
  • Honda NSR250 (MC21 or MC18) complete front-end and calipers, almost a bolt on! You will need a 1/8" spacer below the bottom bearing to clear the frame. Ream out your top RZ bearing 1mm to adapt it to the larger NSR stem, add a upper spacer between top crown and bearing. Done! NOTE: You must use RZ tapered bearings.
  • CBR600 F2 front end works too, I tried this but went with the NSR set-up. But if you want to keep the stock "upright" position the CBR front works well since the clip-ons mount above the top crown. Same procedure as mounting the NSR front end.
  • CBR600 F2 front wheel bolts right up to the MC21 forks. But this wheel weighs a ton and the rotors leave allot to be desired. You can get a "semi" floating conversion for around $300.00. I would recommend finding a NSR250 wheel, or better yet, NSR HRC (Magtek) wheels. The "SP" model NSR's had magnesium HRC Magtek wheels.

Here you see how close the Loma GP pipes come to the rear wheel using a FZ600 swing arm, this is BEFORE the correct ride height was applied. This combo is not recommended. Get a JMC swing arm 1 or 2" longer than stock to correct the problem.

MC21 front end installed with CBR600 F2 wheel. Works well and looks good!

If your a diehard Yamaha guy and want all you parts from Yamaha doners I suggest using TZ250 parts over FZR400/600 parts. The TZ stuff is MUCH lighter and trick! The TZ250 front-end literally bolts right on using RZ tapered bearings and one lower spacer. The FZR forks are too long anyway and you got to press your RZ stem into the FZR's. A 17 x 4.5" TZ rear wheel fits nicely in a FZ600, JMC, or Metmachex swing arm, and again is MUCH lighter than the FZR's 17 x 4 or 18 x 4" wheel. Try www.tz250.com classifieds for parts.

Last RZ350 Project

  • '89 TZ250 Rear end - modified RZ frame to accommodate the TZ swing arm
  • '89 TZ250 complete front end with technomagnesio wheel - This was a bolt on with one lower 1/8" spacer, you'll need RZ tapered bearings.
  • Nissin front calipers and PM billet rear caliper.
  • TZ250 Rear sets - frame was modified to fit.
  • Rear solo cowl by Airtech
  • Airtech '94 TZ250 full fairing modified to fit.
  • DG pipes, otherwise stock...